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Nutrition Consulting

The food we consume provides our body with the nutrients and energy it needs to sustain life. Many common health problems can be prevented or alleviated with a healthy diet. However, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information available to us today. (Eat local! Eat organic! Eliminate carbs! Take supplements!) It can be of great benefit to work with a professional who can assess your body and help you sort out the right diet for optimal health.

Biochemical Individuality

We are all biochemically unique and no one diet will ever be beneficial to all people. As Hippocrates (460-361 BC) stated: "What is meat [i.e. food] to one person can be fierce poison to another". While it is easy to understand that the optimal diet for one person may be quite hazardous to someone else, it is more difficult to comprehend that the same diet that benefits a person today may be toxic to them next year. Fine tuning is constantly necessary for optimal individual results.


Digestion is a process of transformation; we literally become what we eat! Many things affect our digestion such as; stress, emotions, improper chewing, eating too quickly, sensitivities and food allergies. Visceral tensions can also greatly affect digestion. Digestion is affected by the microbial ecology of the gut. A proper balance of beneficial bacteria is essential for vitamin production, nutrient absorption, enzyme function and waste elimintation. Cleansing and detoxification also greatly benefit the process of digestion.

Healthy green food ready to be eaten